Plastic Glassware

Large selection of Plastic Promotional Printed Glassware including Shot Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Beer Glasses, Wine Glasses & Tumblers.

Plastic Customised Glassware is great for memorizing that special family occasion as birthdays, engagements, graduations, anniversaries, weddings and many more..

Perfect promotional item for any business, restaurants, charitable organizations & for trade shows.

  • Virtually indestructible, no more chipping or cracking, saving big $$$ on breakages.
  • Safe - perfect for high risk areas i.e. pools, nightclubs, outdoor venues etc.
  • Professional - A Crystal look a like -  that's impervious to odour.

Whether you're catering a special occasion, having an important function or you've just decided that you don't want the worry and expense of glass products, we have the solution:

The Polycarbonate or Polystyrene Reusable Alternative.

Plastic Tester Glass PT-220ml

Plastic Stemless Wine Glass PSW-450ml

Plastic Stein PM-560ml

Plastic Wine Glass PW-350ml

Plastic Champagne P-170ml

Plastic Wine/Flute PF-200ml

Plastic Stein PM-350ml

Plastic Stein PM-570ml

Plastic Whisky Glass P-250ml

Plastic Beer Pot P-425ml

Plastic Beer Pot P-285ml

Plastic Stein PS-500ml

Plastic Wine Glass PW-200ml

Plastic Shot Glass P-30ml

Plastic Shot Glass P-55ml

Plastic Mason Jar PMJ-575ml

Plastic Whisky Glass PR-230ml

Plastic Beer Jug P-1140ml

Wine Glass Holder