XL5 Wine Tasting Glass

Taster Wine Glass WC225

WC225ml crystal black logo printed red wine low cost taster cup universal glass event festival Australia abc2000 Buy Online scaled


  • Capacity: 225ml
  • Height: 156mm
  • Top Diameter: 47mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 64mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 66mm
  • Carton Weight: 13kg
  • Quantity Per Carton: 72


  • Crystal glass
  • Covers approx. 35mm design, larger size to quote
  • Certain subtle flaws in the glass, such as bubbles and swirls could be present and should be anticipated
  • FREE basic lettering artwork included
  • Gift boxes available

XL5 Wine Tasting Glass
This glass is the standard choice for wine tasting events worldwide, commonly found at various wine tasting sessions and competitions, as well as numerous cellar doors. Whether you’re hosting a vertical tasting or a dinner party, these glasses will be a convenient addition. The Cellar Door’s personalised XL5 wine tasting glass meets industry standards, perfect for all types of tastings and events, accommodating reds, whites, sparkling wines, and spirits. Enhance it with your venue’s logo through our in-house decorating service.

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XL5 Wine Tasting Glass

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