Beer Mug

Beer Mug M570ml

M570 Oktoberfest 570ml 500ml Stein super glass beer mug event festival melbourne decal print Melbourne Australia abc2000 scaled


  • Capacity: 570ml
  • Height: 170mm
  • Top Diameter: 80mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 84mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 75mm
  • Carton Weight: 16.5kg
  • Quantity Per Carton: 16


  • Standard soda glass
  • Covers approx. 35mm design, larger size to quote
  • Certain subtle flaws in the glass, such as bubbles and swirls could be present and should be anticipated
  • FREE basic lettering artwork included
  • Gift boxes available

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Beer Mug M570ml

Laser Etched / Engraved Prices (each) Note: Laser etching on glass results in a frosted or whiteish appearance.

One Side$25.00$20.00$14.00$12.00$10.50$9.50$8.50$8.00$7.50Quote
Standard Charges : Setup $50.00 per design
All prices in AUD and exclude P&H and GST (10%)
Printed Prices (each) Note: Basic standard colours: white, black, red, green, blue. Other colours available at additional cost.

One Colour, One Side$10.00$8.50$7.50$7.00$6.50Quote
Standard Charges : Setup $80.00 per design per colour per side
All prices in AUD and exclude P&H and GST (10%)

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