Artwork Requirements
for Engraved/Etched and Spot Colour Printed Glassware.

To produce the best quality in our work, high quality artwork is required.

Outlined below are guidelines for correctly supplied artwork.

1. Pure Black and White format

Artwork should be pure black and white, with no colours, shading or shadows.
Colours, shading and shadows cannot be reproduced.

2. High Resolution

Artwork should be at least 300 dpi resolution for best results.
Lines and edges should be very sharp and clean, not grainy or fuzzy.
Note: A low-resolution image might look sharp on your monitor, but will not look good printed or engraved.

3. File Formats

Artwork should be sent to our email: in one of the following PC formats.

  • Corel Draw (CDR) file preferred (all text must be converted to outlines / curves first)
  • EPS, PDF prepress (all text must be converted to outlines / curves first)
  • AI v.3 file (all text must be converted to outlines / curves first)
  • JPEG (300dpi)

*We reserve the right to reject any artwork that does not meet our requirements.
There will be an artwork conversion charge if artwork needs to be converted/re-produced.

Standard Colours
Available for Printed Glassware

Below is a list of our stock colours.

*Please note that some inks possess low opacity properties.

**Due to various display monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual colour. We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct.

Colour Matching

Due to variables involved in the printing processes, inaccuracies caused by inconsistent viewing conditions, colour perception and many other variables, matching PMS colours, supplied samples or full colour proofs is not guaranteed and a reasonable variation between these and the completed job is to be expected. When a variation of this kind occurs, it will be considered acceptable performance.

Please contact us at for a quote or if you have any enquiries